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What are the main activities of a Lebanese holding company?
The activities of a Lebanese holding company are limited to the following:
• Managing companies in which it owns partnership or shareholding assets
• Giving loans to companies in which it owns partnership or shareholding assets, and offering them guarantees against third parties
• Owning patents, discoveries, concessions, trademarks, and other reserved rights, and leasing them to companies inside Lebanon and abroad
• Owning personal or real property, provided they are only dedicated to its activities, subject to the provisions of the Lebanese law pertaining to the acquisition by non-Lebanese nationals of real estate in kind rights
Is the transfer of shares subject to taxes in a joint stock company?
No, the transfer of shares of a joint stock company is not subject to a tax on the capital gains, except when the seller of the shares is a company.
Should I record the assignment of the trademark?
Yes, the assignment of the trademark should be recorded in order to be effective against third parties.
Can I amend any specification or claim after the issuance of my patent certificate?
No, you can't amend any specification or claim after the issuance of the patent certificate.
Why should I register a trademark?
In principle, a trademark registration will confer you an exclusive right to the use of the registered trademark. This implies that you can exclusively use the trademark or license it to another party for use in return for payment. Registration provides you with legal certainty and reinforces your position, for example, in case of litigation.
What are the prohibited activities on an offshore company?
• Lebanese offshore companies are prohibited from undertaking insurance activities, as well as all activities undertaken by banks, financial institutions and all institutions subject to the control of the central bank of Lebanon.

• Lebanese offshore companies are also prohibited from making any profits or movable or im-movable revenues in Lebanon, or resulting from services provided to resident institutions, with the exception of its bank account revenues and the revenues resulting from subscription to treasury bonds.
How can I amend the joint stock company's articles of association?
Any amendment of the company’s articles of association requires a decision of the extraordinary general meeting which is taken by a majority of 2/3 of the present or represented shareholders.
The amendment is made public the same way as with the original articles of association. The amendment of the articles of association of a company should be executed before the notary public.
As a foreigner, do I need a permission/license to invest in Lebanon?
No, you don't. No permission is required to invest in Lebanon. In fact, there is no investment law regulating the process of foreign investment in Lebanon or any legislation requiring foreign investors to obtain approval from the Lebanese authorities before investing in a project in Lebanon. Any investor of any nationality is free to carry out any project in accordance with the system of law.
Should I register my commercial representation agreement in Lebanon?
Yes, if the commercial representation is exclusive, the commercial representative should register the agreement with the commercial registry in order to oppose it to third parties.
Can foreigners invest in a Lebanese startup company?
Yes, they can.
Can I copy, reproduce or record a specific work for use in judicial or administrative proceeding without the authorization of the author?
Yes, you can.
What requirements should be verified in a domain name to be registered?
Domain names should not contain words, phrases or abbreviations that are obscene, scandalous, indecent, or contrary to the Lebanese law.
I have multiple startup ideas
Work on the one that will cause the most immediate, concrete improvement in users' lives. Don't worry too much at first about competitors, or how users will find out about it, or how to make money. But don't work on something that's going to take ten years, either. (In technology, ten years rounds up to never.)
Does advertising a design prior to filing the application preclude registration?
No, advertising a design prior to filing the application, even by way of sale of the relevant products, does not preclude registration.
Can I ask for a cancellation of a model/design filed in a secret form?
Yes, you can.