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Can I patent my pharmaceutical products?
Yes, you can.
What is the liability of partners in a joint liability company?
In a joint liability company:
• Partners are personally liable for the company’s debts. Their liability is unlimited
• Partners are severally liable for the company’s debts and creditors may attempt to claim the whole debt from any of the partners personally
• Partners who settle the company’s debts may recover payment from the company and may also claim from other partners the amount of debt they are responsible for
How is a conciliation terminated?
A conciliation is terminated in the following cases:
• When the parties sign an agreement. The agreement should remain confidential unless and to the extent that its execution or application require disclosure.
• The conciliator records a report that the attempt to conciliate is not successful
• One or more parties at any time during the conciliation process reveal their intention that they don't want to pursue the conciliation process
Should the commercial representation agreement be exclusive?
No, the commercial representation agreement may be either exclusive or non-exclusive.
What is the fee requested by the SACEM?
When a person or company uses music commercially (i.e.: involving money), then they must pay a "royalty" to the writers via "collection societies" such as the SACEM. The fee collected by the SACEM represents the royalty for the writers of the lyrics, melody and arrangement of a song.
What is the law that regulates the SACEM in Lebanon?
The Protection of Literary and Artistic Property (Copyrights Law) Law No. 75/99 Issued on April 13, 1999 regulates the SACEM in Lebanon.
When should I pay fees for the SACEM?
If you are broadcasting in public (audiovisual media, concert halls, festivals, Internet services, movie theatres, shops, restaurants, hairdresser) or reproducing on media (disc, video, legal digital file, DVD, CD-ROM, video game, etc.) artistic works protected by "The Protection of Literary and Artistic Property (Copyrights Law) Law No. 75/99", whether by direct performance, or by means of any device or means, you should pay royalty fees for the SACEM.
What documents should I submit for my patent application?

In order to file for a patent, you should provide the following documents:
• If a representative is acting on your behalf a duly notarized power of attorney (and legalized if you do not have a legal local presence in Lebanon)
• Description of the invention and abstract
• List of claims, which demonstrates the Novelty and Creativity to be protected
• Abstract of the invention in the Arabic Language
• Figures or drawings of the invention if they are necessary to comprehend the invention
• List of the attachments
• Your ID or a commercial certificate of the company translated to Arabic
Can I copy the terms and conditions and privacy policies of a website, edit them and use them for my own website?
Terms and conditions are business-specific and should not be copied from someone else’s website. There is also a risk that said terms and conditions may contain errors and mistakes. As regards the risk of copyright infringement, that pertains only to non-boilerplate provision.
What is the Lebanese Arbitration Center?
The Lebanese Arbitration Center is the sole institution that provides administration and monitoring services for arbitration proceedings in Lebanon. The Center has been active in the arbitration field since its establishment in 1995. The Lebanese Arbitration Center offers its services to the business community, to private and public institutions and to the government.
What are the advantages of incorporating an offshore company?

The advantages of incorporating an offshore company are:
• Tax saving and tax exemptions
• Effortless business administration
• Full ownership for non-Lebanese
• Limited liability of relevant shareholders
• Non-Lebanese chairman or general manager does not require a work permit if residing out-side Lebanon
• Non-Lebanese employees are exempt from work permits provided that the total balance sheet of the company exceeds USD 6,667,000
Who does a drag-along clause protect?
A drag along clause protects the majority shareholders.
What are the steps to be undertaken after registering the sole proprietorship in Lebanon?
After registering as a merchant or a sole proprietorship, a person should register at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in order to benefit from services offered such as extended contact lists and further protection to her business. The registration fee is approximately LBP 300,000.

Every end of April, the person should file taxes through an account or online on the website of the Ministry of Finance:
Does copyright law protect designs as well?
Yes, it does.
How can I incorporate a joint liability company?
The procedure that you should follow to incorporate a joint liability company is as follow:
• A partnership agreement should be drafted as an official or ordinary document and may not be used against others unless written
• The partnership agreement should then be published by way of affidavit of publication filed with the court of first instance of the company’s jurisdiction
• A summary of the company’s statements should also be filed with the commercial register in the area of the company’s address, within one month from the formation of the company
Can a partnership limited by shares be dissolved by the withdrawal of one of the partners?
No, the company is not dissolved if one of the partners withdraws from it.