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How can I acquire an industrial import/export permit?
In order to acquire an industrial import/export permit, the following steps are needed:
• Fill a request form to the Ministry of Industry - Administration of Technical and Industrial Ser-vices Matters
• Enclose the receipt by the registered factory for the merchandise to be exported, or a receipt or pro-forma for the merchandise to be imported
• Enclose a recent clearance from the National Fund for Social Security in case the import-er/exporter is a corporation
What kind of sanctions does the Lebanese copyright law provide against infringers?
The Lebanese copyright law provides civil and criminal sanctions against infringers.
How much does it cost to incorporate a joint stock company?
The joint stock company incorporation fees amount to USD 2,000 approximately, in addition to the legal fees for processing incorporation which vary depending on the lawyer.
Can a limited liability company be dissolved if one of the partners becomes bankrupt?
No, as long as there are three or more remaining partners.
Should a joint stock company have a head office in the Lebanese territory?
Yes, it should.
What type of company is the most beneficial for my business in Lebanon?
The most common types of companies used in Lebanon are limited liability companies (SARL) and joint stock companies (SAL). In both types of companies, the liability of the partners/shareholders is limited to the extent of their contribution in the capital of the company.
Are there any payments that are charged on my patent?
Yes. An annuity will be charged upon grant of the patent and will incur increasingly on the first day of every year following the application filing.
How can I get a certificate to establish a factory under type 1 and type 2?
In order to establish a factory under type 1 and type 2, you should:
• Provide a copy of the following documents, then submit them to the municipal committee or the “Ka’em makam” in case there is no municipality:
- A copy of the requester’s identification card (ID), or work permit, or commercial certificate
- A recent (maximum 3 months) topographic certificate of the land in question
- A recent land certificate
- A copy of the lease, sale, or rent agreement
- A clearance
✓ By the municipality (if the requester is the owner)
✓ By the Ministry of Finance
- A copy of the occupancy permit and a copy of the topographical cards
- Signed 1/2000 Map
- Maps showings entrances and exits for cars and trucks from and to the road
- A study on the type and amount of raw material used and its drainage route
- A study on the amount of residue and water drainage
- A receipt of registration at the municipality
- A receipt of payment of the required fee

For industrial companies in Beirut and Mount Lebanon, the request should be submitted in one original copy and three photocopies to the central administration in Beirut. For other provinces, the request should be submitted to the regional industrial administration where the land is located.

• The municipal or the governor notifies the licensing administration its opinion on the request in a maximum delay of one month starting from the day of registration of the request, otherwise silence would be considered as acceptance.

• The Minister of Industry gives her decision in a period of two months from the day of submission of the request.

• If the decision is not taken during the above-mentioned delays, the requester can ask for a written refusal. If there is no answer, silence would be considered acceptance.

• The procedure can take up to four and half months and additional documents may be re-quested.
Can the media use short excerpts of works that are displayed or heard during current events without the authorization of the author?
Yes, it can within the limits of fair practice and provided that the name of the author and the source are mentioned.
Are there provisions in the Lebanese law to oppose a design registration?
No, there aren't.
Should I pay the whole amount of the share capital of a joint stock company upon incorporation?
No, you can pay a quarter of the value of the company’s share capital and commit to pay the remaining amount after a period not exceeding 6 months.
Can non-profit-making, educational institutions, universities and public libraries, without the authorization of the author, reproduce a limited number of computer programs for the purpose of offering them free of charge to students and university people?
Yes, non-profit-making educational institutions, universities and public libraries may, without the authorization of the author and without obligation to pay him compensation, reproduce a limited number of computer programs for the purpose of lending them free of charge to students and university people, provided that they possess at least one original copy of the work and provided that the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education and the Ministry of Technical and Vocational Education subsequently issue decrees determining the copying mechanism, the categories of computer programs that may be copied and the number of copies allowed. Students may make one copy for their personal use.
What is a patent?
A patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention, which is a product or a process that provides, in general, a new way of doing something, or offers a new technical solution to a problem. It can be a utility patent (machines, engines, apparel), a design patent (ornamental design for an object), a method patent (a new way to do a business process, a surgery), or a new plant variety (unknown kind of plants).
What is the law that regulates the Beirut Stock Exchange (BSE)?
The BSE Law is the law that regulates the Beirut Stock Exchange. It is the Legislative decree No. 120 dated September 16, 1983 (official gazette issue No. 45). It was amended in 1982 by virtue of decree No. 4729 dated 30/3/1988 and again in 1995 by Law No. 418 dated 15/5/1995.
How can I file an application for a design?
The design application should be filed under the form of drawings and/or photographs and the following documents should be submitted:
• If a representative is acting on your behalf a duly notarized power of attorney (and legalized if you do not have a legal local presence in Lebanon)
• A description of the design
• The name, address and nationality of the applicant
• Your ID or a commercial certificate of the company translated to Arabic
• A set of the drawings using the metric system specifying the views
If convention priority is to be claimed, a certified copy of the home application should be submitted within three months of the filing date.
Can I make in-kind contributions to my limited liability company?
Yes, you can. However, in-kind contributions will only be accepted after their estimation by an expert appointed by the commercial court in which jurisdiction the company's headquarters are located. The value of any in-kind contributions should be specified in the company's articles of association.