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Can a joint-stock company be managed by foreigners?
Yes, it can. However, the majority of the board of a joint-stock company should be formed by Lebanese.
How much does it cost to file for a copyright?
The fees charged by the Intellectual Property Protection Office are:
• deposit of a printed work: LBP 50,000
• deposit of a motion picture, video film or sound recording: LBP 175,000
• deposit of a daily or periodic publication (for one year): LBP 75,000
• deposit of a picture, drawing, map, post card, photograph or daily or periodic publication (1 copy): LBP 25,000
• deposit of any other material not mentioned above: LBP 50,000
• recordation of a contract of deposit with the Office: LBP 50,000
• facsimile copy of a certificate of registration: LBP 25,000
Can I initiate proceedings for the cancellation of an illegal mark?
Yes, you can. Any interested party can start legal proceedings to cancel a mark during the protection term on the ground of improper registration or lack of distinctiveness.
What is the minimum capital of a partnership limited by shares?
The capital of a partnership limited by shares cannot be less than LBP 30,000,000 divided into equal shares of no less than LBP 1,000 per share.
What are the annual payments that should be made by a Lebanese offshore company?
• Offshore companies are considered de facto members of the Beirut Stock Exchange and should pay an annual subscription of one USD 100.
• Furthermore, an offshore company should pay yearly maintenance fees around USD 800.
What is the minimum number of partners in a limited liability company?
A limited liability company should combine a minimum of 3 partners and a maximum of 20.
In which cases is the public display of a copyrighted work permitted without the authorization of the author?
A copyrighted work may be publically displayed or performed without the authorization of the author in the following occasions:
• official ceremonies within the limits required
• activities carried out by educational institutions during which teachers or students use the work, provided that the audience is limited to the teachers, students, students' parents and persons directly involved in the activities of the educational institution
Are there provisions in the Lebanese law to oppose a design registration?
No, there aren't.
How can I make an amendment to my patent application?
Any changes and amendments as to your name, as patent owner, address or legal entity should be registered in the patent register for a fee of LBP 50,000.
Does a registered domain confer any legal right?
No. A registered domain name does not confer any legal right or ownership to that name. It simply represents a technical label to be used on the Internet.
What is the procedure to raise funds through a venture capital (VC)?
A VC signals an interest in investing by offering a term sheet to the startup. The startup can sign the term sheet, reject it, or seek modifications to it before signing. After the term sheet is signed, the VC conducts extensive due diligence. Following this due diligence, the VC may agree to invest on the original terms, offer modified terms, or decline to invest at all. The investment will not go forward unless both the startup and the VC agree to the final terms.
When should I pay fees for the SACEM?
If you are broadcasting in public (audiovisual media, concert halls, festivals, Internet services, movie theatres, shops, restaurants, hairdresser) or reproducing on media (disc, video, legal digital file, DVD, CD-ROM, video game, etc.) artistic works protected by "The Protection of Literary and Artistic Property (Copyrights Law) Law No. 75/99", whether by direct performance, or by means of any device or means, you should pay royalty fees for the SACEM.
What is a right of first refusal?
A right of first refusal is a contractual right of an entity to be given the opportunity to enter into a business transaction with a person or company before anyone else can.
Should I pay the whole amount of the share capital of a joint stock company upon incorporation?
No, you can pay a quarter of the value of the company’s share capital and commit to pay the remaining amount after a period not exceeding 6 months.
Can a joint-stock company be managed by foreigners?
Yes, it can. However, the majority of the board of a joint-stock company should be formed by Lebanese.
If I have a product is it necessary to have a trademark?
No, it isn't. A trademark is optional unless there are legal provisions to the contrary.