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Ignorance of the law is no excuse, right? Well, at least you can try to understand everything about it…. Information is accessible everywhere, but the real problem is sorting out the mess. LGALX helps you access a marketplace of legal answers, and if you still haven’t found your answer, get a free quote from experienced lawyer or even use the Ask a lawyer option once you complete your sign up

2-That’s not focus.

People need to move fast. They need the right basics to get started! But they also need a platform that evolves with their growth. LGALX helps you be agile and have access to legal answers and services on the go..

3-Only when you need it.

One can learn at their own pace, according to their needs at the moment. LGALX empowers people with tools that let them get efficient, transparent and free access to legal answers and services.
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Find a great lawyer in 3 easy steps:
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1-Post your request 

Only the most experienced and professional lawyers will receive it: 

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Some of our superstar lawyers
Our lawyers have worked for some of the world's best companies and firms
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What is LGALX?
LGALX is an online platform that allows you to easily find answers to your legal queries and needs. Through LGALX, you will be able to source and compare quotes from specialized lawyers, handpicked to suit your needs. We are not a law firm ourselves, but our team combines over 50 years of legal experience to ensure you only receive quotes from the most suitable lawyers.
How much does it cost to get quotes?
Our service costs you NOTHING. We'll take your requirements (seek clarification where needed), invite the best lawyers to quote for your work and answer any questions you may have about the process, for free. If you hire a lawyer, we charge them a marketing fee once the work is paid for.
How long does it take to get quotes?
Once we have enough information from you and invited the most suitable lawyers to quote, you'll typically receive 3-4 quotes within two business days. For certain niche areas or for larger more complex jobs, it may take a bit longer to get your quotes. But for some types of common legal matters, such as incorporations, you can expect same day turnaround.
Who will see my job details?
Although there are over 1000+ lawyers on the LGALX platform, we only send your job details to a select handful (typically 4-6) of the best lawyers (right expertise, experience, fit and availability) to quote for your work. Your contact details are only shared with a lawyer if you've asked us to do so.
How do you vet your lawyers?
As a curated marketplace, lawyers must apply to be on LGALX - less than 5% of applications make the cut. We interview every lawyer, check their expertise, credentials, practicing status and insurance coverage. They supply testimonials from former clients and are rated and reviewed by verified LGALX clients after each job is completed to ensure the highest standards are maintained.
What's the typical type of lawyer on LGALX?
We've unearthed a talented pool of highly specialized, independent lawyers who typically started their careers at large firms and companies. They value efficiency, flexibility and offer the transparency of fixed fees. They've embraced technology, working from virtual offices, co-working spaces or from home, without the expensive overheads of traditional law firms.
What kinds of users on LGALX?
We've helped 10,000+ people so far, ranging from startups and SMEs needing assistance with funding rounds, contracts, employment, IP , and disputes; to enterprise clients and General Counsels needing lawyers with a deep sector and practice expertise, without the bells and whistles of a brand name firm.
Do you work with large firms?
Yes absolutely. We see the full range of legal jobs, from contracts to seven-figure court cases. For those larger jobs and for certain niche areas of expertise, we've partnered with a number of large firms who can offer the full-service solution and the required personnel for large matters.
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